After-hours Call Service

Emergency Phone # (814)-726-3637

When the office is closed, simply call the main number for recorded instructions on how to reach the provider on call.  The main number will give you the emergency phone number listed above and any other important instructions.

Please limit after-hour calls to urgent issues and emergencies.  

For prescription refills, appointment requests, and other non-urgent matters, you may call the office during regular hours. When leaving a message, please speak slowly, leave the patient's name, birthdate, parents name and number of person to call back.  Please disable your call block feature.

We have three Doctors and two Physician Assistants that rotate the evening emergency patient calls.smiley

We are here to provide the best care we can to your children should the need arise. As always, we welcome the opportunity to care for your children and appreciate your trust in the services we provide.