Check Up & Immunization Schedule

Age At Exam




Hepatitis B

2 weeks


1 month

Hepatitis B

2 month

DTaP + IPV + HIB   /   Prevnar (13)   /   Rotateq

4 month

DTaP + IPV + HIB   /   Prevnar (13)   /   Rotateq

6 month

DTaP + IPV + HIB   /   Prevnar (13)   /   Rotateq

9 month

Hepatitis B   /   Hemoglobin

12 month

Varicella   /   Prevnar (13)   /   Hepatitis A

15 month


18 month

DTaP + IPV + HIB   /   Hepatitis A

2 years


2 ½ years


3 years


4 years


5 years

DTaP + IPV   /   MMR + Varicella

6 years


7 years


8 years


9 years


10 years


11 years

Tdap   /   Menactra   /   HPV      

12 years


13 years


14 years


15 years


16 years

Menactra   /   HPV (if not previously given)

17 years


18 years


College Entrance

Menactra (if not previously given)



Check Ups Check Ups

The best way to maintain your child's health is through periodic medical examinations.  Regularly scheduled check-ups are the key to early detection and treatment of developmental and growth disorders.  These visits are also a good time to cover any questions that you may have concerning your child's health, behavior, or school performance.  Last but not least, we'll perform the necessary immunizations and lab tests.  Regular check-ups can also prevent the need for last-minute examinations prior to school, summer camp, etc.

Sports Physicals Sports Physicals

If you will be due for a yearly check up and will be participating in sports during the current school year,  please call and schedule your physical for after June 1st.  A sports form can be filled out at anytime during the school year ONLY if physical date is AFTER June 1st.

Drivers Physicals Drivers Physicals

When it is time to get your driver's form filled out, make sure you have had a check-up during the past year.  The Driver's Center requires that your physical not be obtained earlier than 6 months prior to turning 16 years old.  Please bring your form at the time of your check-up.  If you need to request a form to be filled out, please give us 24 hours notice and the DRIVER will need to sign this form before leaving the office. 

Working Papers Working Papers

All patients must have had a check-up during the past year in order for us to fill out working papers.