Check Up & Immunization Schedule

Age At Exam

Immunization/Screening Tests



Hepatitis B

2 weeks


1 month

Hepatitis B

2 month

DTaP + IPV + HIB   /   Prevnar (13)   /   Rotateq

4 month

DTaP + IPV + HIB   /   Prevnar (13)   /   Rotateq

6 month

DTaP + IPV + HIB   /   Prevnar (13)   /   Rotateq

9 month

Hepatitis B   /   Hemoglobin

12 month

Varicella   /   Prevnar (13)   /   Hepatitis A

15 month


18 month

DTaP + IPV + HIB   /   Hepatitis A

2 years


2 ½ years


3 years


4 years


5 years

DTaP + IPV   /   MMR + Varicella

6 years


7 years


8 years


9 years


10 years


11 years

Tdap   /   Menactra   /   HPV      

12 years


13 years


14 years


15 years


16 years

Menactra   /   HPV (if not previously given)

17 years


18 years


College Entrance

Menactra (if not previously given)




If you will be due for a yearly check up soon and will be participating in sports during the current school year,  please call and schedule your physical for after June 1st.  A sports form can be filled out at anytime during the school year ONLY if physical date is AFTER June 1st.


When it is time to get your driver's form filled out, make sure you have had a check-up during the past year!  The Driver's Center requires that your physical not be obtained earlier than 6 months prior to turning 16.  Please bring your form at the time of your check-up if possible.  

The DRIVER will need to sign this form before leaving the office.  If the form is brought in on a day other than your check up day, you may need to drop off the form and pick it up the next day with the student so that he/she can sign the form.

Working Papers Information

All patients must have a check-up during the past year

before working papers may be filled out.